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early-stage venture capital


From entrepreneurs to entrepreneurs.

We are serial entrepreneurs with a proven track record in developing businesses. Valutia is our newest venture. But not just another venture.

This is the business of our lives.

Selecting and supporting great founders is all we do. We are fully engaged in this mission for the long-term as it allows us to scale what we've been doing our whole lives.

And we are looking for our peers.

We invest as early as possible in ambitious founders for whom failure isn't an option. The entrepreneur we search for is the one that sees his company as the only option.

The thesis is simple.

If you are a founder engaged with your company's long-term vision, we are the kind of partner that can actively support you. Not only with capital.

Genuine and relevant connections.

Our network is our biggest asset, and a valuable addition to our founders since day one.

Always partners.

What we search for in founders is what we offer to them. We'll be there for our founders whenever they need us.  

Image by Marko Brečić

Kiko Lumack  Managing Partner

Image by Aedrian
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Bruno Lino  Managing Partner




Angel Investments

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